來自裁縫世家 , 從小受父親熏陶,對西裝洋服產生濃厚興趣。



年青時先後在香港名氣裁縫店「Williamyu 」及「培羅蒙」手造量身訂製西裝。

其後於香港國際品牌及時裝名店「Swank」,「Dunhill」,「Prada」擔任首席裁縫師, 在Prada任職其間經常獲派往意大利米蘭總部與當地裁縫師交流, 深懂意大利剪裁工藝,胡師傳十分注重工藝細節,憑著認真態度甚獲客人好評。

胡師傳亦曾於中環Galleria及金鐘海富中心創立自家西裝洋服門店為客人提供量身訂製西裝 , 可惜敵不過當年金融風暴暫時停業。

胡師傳對西裝洋服熱誠並沒有被影響,其後得到西裝品牌「Ascot Chang」賞識於2009-2017擔任西裝裁剪及教頭,專業指導並改良生產技術。

2018 再度創建Bennywoosartorial洋服店, 堅持自己理想,期待再為客人提供優質量身訂製服務。

Master Woo, From Ningbo China, Came From A Tailoring Family. He Was Influenced To Learn Tailoring From A Young Age, And Developed A Strong Interest For Western Suit Tailoring. Master Woo Apprenticed Under His Father At The Age Of 14 To Learn Traditional Shanghainese Suit Tailoring. At The Age Of 17, Master Woo Became A Tailor Himself, And Has Now Accumulated 50 Years Of Experience. In His Earlier Days As A Tailor, Master Woo Did Handmade Bespoke Tailoring Work For The Popular Hong Kong Brands "William Yu" And "H.Baromon". 

Later, Master Woo Became The Principle Tailor For International Brands Swank, Dunhill And Prada.  During His Time At Prada, Master Woo Often Liaised And Discussed With The Tailoring Headquarters In Milan, Italy, Learning The Italian Tailoring Style And Skill. Master Woo Has An Acute Attention To Detail, And Has Earned The Praise Of His Customers With His Sincerity And Serious Attitude Towards Tailoring.

Master Woo Has Been Unwavering In His Passion Towards Tailoring. In 2009-2017 He Became The Western Suit Tailoring Trainer At The Brand Ascot Chang, To Improve And Instruct On Production Methods.

In 2018, Master Woo Founded The Benny Woo Satorial Tailor Shop, Fortifying His Goal To Provide Quality Bespoke Tailoring Services To His Clients.



2337 5108

or 6285 2648

Room 1003, 10/F, Haleson Building, 1 Jubilee Street, Central, Hong Kong​


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